Gobo Design/Gobo Projection

Ebony and Ivory
D J  P r o d u c t i
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Gobo Projection

  • The Finest Gobo Projectors are used for your special images and monograms.
  • High resolution Bright Images
  • Take up minimal space
  • Reasonably priced for your event
  • Custom Gobo Design

Multiple Colors Available

Only a few examples. 

Red – Green – Blue – Cyan – Yellow – White – Purple –  Fuschia

……and many more you can dial in.

By the way…..No UGLY Tripod!









Multiple Custom Designs

You may wish to present your own custom artwork, or we can  design it for you.  Many event planners, DJs, and corporate entities have put their faith in our work. Only a few examples:

1.  Metal
2.  Black/White
3.  Grayscale
4.  Color





Pricing – Must call for pricing.

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