American DJ DP2



The American Audio, DP2 offers the best of both worlds by playing digital music from your computer while still offering DJs the tactile feel and control of hardware. The DP2 offers playback editing features as well as mixing control. This all-in-one unit features dual “CD player like” digital music editing decks and a 2-channel mixer.

DP2 Includes PCDJ DEX LE Software
Dual Player Features:
Large jog wheel
4 sample buttons per side (Sample length can be adjusted in preference dialog / Audio system setting page, 8~30 seconds per sample if the PC hard disk memory size allow)
4 Hot Cue buttons per side
Seamless Loop
Smart loop
X & Y Parameter adjustment
Scratch effect
Pitch Lock (Tempo Lock)
Pitch Bend
Pitch Adjustment Knob (+/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16%)

Mixer Features:
2-channel mixer with volume faders and crossfader
Low and High adjustment
Microphone volume adjustment
Master volume adjustment
Track & Deck selectors


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