American DJ myDMX 3.0 512-Ch DMX USB Interface w/ Software




Hybrid DMX Lighting Control Made Easy

Fully redesigned to make software lighting control more intuitive and flexible than ever, ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 offers comprehensive controls and a rock-solid hardware USB/Ethernet to 512-channel DMX interface. The upgraded myDMX dongle/interface includes both 3- and 5-pin DMX outputs, plus onboard standalone backup memory — a real show saver! ADJ totally redesigned their myDMX software too, building onto their simple controls and macros with the Live Mode grid-based scene control — something Sweetwater DJs familiar with Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio find totally intuitive. Plus, powerful editing tools make the entire process, from finding your fixtures’ profiles in the vast database to dialing in colors, chases, movement patterns, and more, a piece of cake. You don’t need to be a lighting pro to quickly get pro results with ADJ’s myDMX 3.0.

ADJ myDMX 3.0 Lighting Control System Features:

  • A complete hardware/software DMX control system for your Mac or Windows PC
  • USB/Ethernet DMX interface and software are compatible with all your DMX lighting fixtures
  • Control a full 512 DMX channels right out of the box, via 3- or 5-pin DMX connections
  • Reliable hardware dongle includes standalone backup memory and playback capabilities
  • Redesigned interface with grid-based live mode makes myDMX software easier than ever to use
  • Simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use controls let you create impressive light shows from even minimal lighting setups
  • Step/scene-based programming and virtual fader-style layout mimic traditional hardware DMX controller
  • Extensive fixture profile library makes setting up your lighting rig easy
  • Drag-and-drop effects generator lets you create complex-looking light shows with relatively little effort
  • Scan Library SSL2 profile editor software lets you customize the way myDMX 3.0 interacts with your fixtures
  • Additional plug-ins, standalone channels, and hardware expansions available


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