Avlex ACT-71



ACT-71 UHF Wideband Single Channel Wireless Receiver


MIPRO is a leading manufacturer of truly innovative wireless microphone systems. MIPRO’s industry-leading technology, including AutoScan and patented ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) channel sync setup, deliver the forward-thinking features that enable our customers to specify and install our systems with confidence. MIPRO’s ACT Series systems are built to handle tough conditions, deliver superb RF reliability and transparent audio performance in a wide variety of professional venues and applications. The ACT 7-Series wireless systems are single, dual and quad channel ultra-wideband UHF frequency agile diversity systems that are affordable without sacrificing features and performance.The ACT-71 is a UHF true diversity frequency agile single channel full rack receiver that covers 216MHz of spectrum with 2881 selectable frequencies per 72MHz band.  It features 400 presets arranged to provide up to easy set up and up to 48 channels of simultaneous operation.  The ACT-71 receiver has unique features not found anywhere else and is among the best analogue wireless systems available today.



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