Avlex AD-707a



AD-707a Wideband 4-Channel Antenna Divider

The AD-707a is compatible with Mipro’s Series 7 wide-band receivers or any other true diversity receivers that operate within its frequency range of 470 to 850MHz . Four UHF diversity receivers can be operated from just a pair of antennas, greatly reducing antenna installations clutter and increasing receiving range, signal integrity and efficiency. The AD-707a also features a buffered aux in and out for linking additional dividers in multi channel systems without comprising signal integrity. The AD-707a utilizes wide dynamic range and low noise components, advanced circuit design featuring very low inter-modulation distortion and eliminates greatly reduces spurious interference in multiple system usage. System output gain equals to one.It is compatible with any antennas within its wideband ranges like AT-20 Coaxial Antenna,
AT-70 UHF Ground Plane Antenna and AT-90T UHF Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna.The input antenna connector provides power for the optional AT-70B antenna booster and
AT-90R UHF Active Log Periodic Dipole Array Antennas.



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