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Product Description
An interactive tool like no other, the Beamz C4-BSB Pro Audio and DJ Music System offers an incredible visual option for triggering samples by playing laser beams. Add extra dynamics to your live show by astonishing the audience with this unique controller. Beams C4-BSB comes with Beamz DJ software allows you to trigger up to 54 pitch-matched and beat-matched samples and loops via MIDI and keystroke mapping to create a live experience that other DJs can’t compete with. Beams Studio software enables the user to create their own audio samples and loops to be controlled by Beams during live performing.

– Arrange music playback by interacting with beams of light
– Create interactive songs with Beamz Studio
– Import and assign beat/pitch matched samples to each beam
– 54 triggers to control DJ apps and lighting functions via MIDI
– Use as a controller for your favorite DJ software
– Includes Beamz DJ and Beamz Studio Software
– Mac and PC Compatible
– Beamz Compatibility

BeamZ Music System Compatible with many DJ softwares including Ableton Live, Traktor, PCDJ, Virtual DJ and Serato ScratchBeams Studio allows you to Configure and control up to 54 triggers in DJ and/or lighting applications via MIDI & keystroke mapping. Beamz DJ software runs in the background along with your DJ application and/or lighting control software. Map controls to be triggered by breaking laser beams or using the buttons and rocker switches on the Beamz Player device.


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