Clearsonic Isopac T

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IsoPac T
consists of a 3-section clear shield in front, with SORBER baffles on the inside and as a lid.  Cable cut-outs between each panel allow easy mic placement.  The entire enclosure fits on a table and folds for easy transport.

The IsoPac T uses a unique design to maximize space efficiency.  The center section of acrylic is 24” W x 36” H.  The side panels are 18”W x 34”H.

The S3 SORBER baffle used as a lid rests on the side sections, and is held in place by the taller front section.  The side panels are treated with an S1 SORBER baffle, while the center has an S2.  This absorption arrangement will block reflections at microphone level while still leaving a generous sight line at the top of each panel.


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