Countryman E6 w/TA4F

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E6 Earset
The world’s favorite earset. The low-profile E6 provides natural sound with exceptional isolation from noise and feedback.

The E6 Earset is an unobtrusive, world-class mic that delivers high-quality voice pickup while rejecting surrounding noise and
feedback. The E6 is adaptable to a wide range of applications, and we offer many customization options to best meet your
specific needs. We’ve listed the options below, with some tips on how to choose the best E6 for you. Let’s start with an example
E6 part number, which represents:

1 soft boom, 2 omnidirectional, 3 for general speaking, 4 tan colored E6 with a 5 2mm diameter cable configured for a 6 Shure wireless bodypack.


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