DNP RX1HS Printer w/ DNP RX1HS 4×6 media Bundle

$999.99 $749.00



Bundle includes 1 DNP-RX1HS Printer and 1 DNP RX1HS 4×6 media pictured

DNP’s new DS-RX1HS digital photo printer boosts print speed by as much as 20%.

Improved print speeds allow you to produce 290 4×6 prints per hour.

  • Aimed at portable Event Photography use, weighing only 30 lbs.
  • Improved print speeds allow you to produce 290 4×6 prints per hour
  • Earth-friendly, utilizing 25% less power, in peak, idle, and running modes

Additional features: include improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial for printing to multiple DS-RX1HS printers; and a new Status App for Windows OS, a helper apps to monitor you printer during operation. Other useful apps are also available for download from the DNP web site:

The printer combines inexpensive hardware cost, low media prices and high-end capabilities. As another advantage to you, there is no cost difference between the DS-RX1 and the DS-RX1HS models.

With the largest print capacity in its class and rugged, durable design, the DS-RX1HS answers all the requirements for outstanding remote performance. Print sizes of 2×6, 4×6, and 6×8 provide a broad array of deliverables.


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