EZ Dupe ISO 5



ISO 5 Copy DVD CD Duplicator w/ 500 HDD + USB


With USB 3.0 connection, the ISO DVD/CD duplicator’s hard drive (HDD) can be connected to a computer. When the USB 3.0 switch is turned on, the computer will see the duplicator’s HDD as an external HDD. Now you can easily drag and drop the ISO file from the computer to the duplicator’s HDD and use it as the source master for duplication. No special software is needed. This feature is unique and will save time by not having to create a master disc on computer which is currently required on all other duplicator systems.

  • Drag and Drop function to transfer ISO file from computer to duplicator’s HDD as the source master for duplication
  • Fully stand-alone system – No computer needed!
  • Exclusive “DHP Technology” creates a hard drive partition based on the size of each file so no HDD space is wasted
  • “User friendly” controller utilizes familiar “ESC” & “ENT” keys with tactile feedback for easy navigation
  • Rigorously tested for performance and reliability
  • Password protection modes prevent unauthorized usage
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Free life time technical support with toll free phone number provided.


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