Gobosource Gobo Metal



Metal gobo for B/W line-art, logos or text.

Note: Metal gobos require bridging and thus in most cases alteration of you artwork. For true reproduction of your art, or if your need gradients or colors, choose from our glass gobos instead.

Dimensions: Outside diameter between 16mm and 100mm

Pricing: Duplicate pricing – $29

Order this gobo Risk Free – Or just get a Quote.
Ordering custom gobos online is more complex than regular online shopping. We make it transparent for you by providing feedback and guidance before your gobo goes into production. Provide the information you currently have, if something should be missing, we will work with you to fill in the blanks. During this order/quotation process you will not be charged but you can securely provide your credit card info for expediting the payment process after order confirmation. If you just request a firm quote, you can turn it into an order later.

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