Liebert UPS GXT4U



Liebert GXT 4U – UPS

BRAND NEW BATTERY. Works like NEW. Perfect to protect you computer if power goes out!

Liebert GTX2 – provides the highest level of power protection, conditioning and battery support available. With the double conversion design (AC>DC>AC) power runs through the UPS continually as the battery acts as a buffer against AC noise and spikes. There is no time lost switching from utility power to the battery. Applications that want 100% uptime should use one of these on-line devices. Effective against 100% of power disturbances related to low voltage, AC line noise, voltage spikes and other factors.

Features a new modern chassis. All models are rack mountable in only 2 rack spaces! The GXT2 is capable of extended run time with the addition of external battery Like the Interactive Series, the GXT2 is capable of remote monitoring and restart communications via a Windows based graphical interface. Software can be programmed to automatically shut down computer operating systems in a smooth and orderly manner if UPS battery capacity runs low.




(NEMA 5-15)4



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