Omnisistem DF-V6 Vertical Fogger



Omnisistem DF-V6 Vertical Fogger

The new PyroFog from Omnisistem offers the visual impact and excitement of traditional pyrotechnics, but without the potential problems. This first-of-its-kind effect shoots artificial smoke 25 feet straight up into the air, and is capable of putting out 20,000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

DMX-512 control allows for PyroFogs perfect synchronization with live performances, and multiple units can easily be triggered simultaneously. By directing its output vertically, the unit also distributes fog faster and more evenly than traditional models. This unique machine consumes just 1,500 watts, and requires only 10 minutes of warm-up time, so both installation and application are quick and easy. Most importantly, the unit is safe for stage and close proximity productions. With PyroFog, venue owners can take advantage of retro pyro effects without exposing their patrons, employees, property or life savings to unnecessary risk.

PyroFog SPECTACULAR First of its kind, this 1500W professional fog machine shoots smoke 25 ft. straight up into the air creating effects simulating pyrotechnics. DMX-512 control allows for electronic and choreographic synchronization of up to 100 units. SAFE for stage and close proximity productions.

Power : 1500W
Re-heating time: 10 min.
Smoke output: 20,000 cu. ft./min.
Tank Capacity: .5 gal.
Electronic Temperature Control
Supplied with Controller
Weight: 21 lbs.


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