Presonus Notion 6 Pro Bundle & S1 Pro




PreSonus Pro Bundle – Notion 6 and Studio One 3 Professional

Notion 6:

Easily compose, play back, and edit music
Best playback of any notation product, with samples by the London Symphony Orchestra, Soundiron, and more
Create a score on a Mac or Windows computer and continue to edit on iPad or iPhone and vice versa.
Write parts by hand and watch them convert to digital notation
Perform scores using Notion™ as a live instrument and save your performance
Get a polished sound with PreSonus Native Effects Limiter, Compressor, and Pro EQ plug-ins
Send audio and MIDI data directly to and from Studio One, or
integrate Notion with other leading digital audio workstations via ReWire

Studio One 3 Professional:

Elegant single-window work environment with powerful drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support
Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
Pristine sound quality, with a critically acclaimed mix engine, new synthesis engine, native 64-bit resolution, and support for up to 384 kHz audio
NEW Arranger Track with innovative Scratch Pads
NEW Build unique sounds with Multi Instrument and Extended FX Chains
NEW Presence XT sampler with 15+ GB sound library and EXS, Kontakt, and Giga support
NEW Mai Tai polyphonic, analog modeling synth with character morphing, modulation matrix, and zero-delay feedback filters
Integrated Melodyne Essentials pitch and timing editor (a $99 value)
Native Fat Channel plug-in from StudioLive AI mixers includes low-pass filter, gate, compressor, parametric EQ, and limiter
NEW Note FX (Arpeggiator, Chorder, Repeater, Input Filter) to assist composition and add dynamism to virtual instrument tracks

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Notion 6:

Bring musical inspirations to life and enhance your creativity with the blazingly fast and intuitive Notion™ 6 music composition and performance environment.

Compose traditional notation, tablature, or lead sheets when and how you want—on Mac®, PC, or mobile—even with your own handwriting. Create music directly on the staff, record or enter notes quickly with a MIDI instrument, or use the integrated virtual Keyboard, Fretboard, or Drum Pad.

Create and perform music with the full realism of samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios; Guitars by Neil Zaza, Electric Bass by Victor Wooten and Drum Kit by Roy Wooten; Olympus Micro Choir and Lakeside Pipe Organ by Soundiron; plus enhanced VST support and bundled PreSonus FX.

Take projects to the next level with deep studio integration including audio/MIDI streaming with any professional DAW via ReWire and unprecedented integration with PreSonus Studio One®. Even set music to film with advanced video capabilities.

Deliver your final professional scores and polished performances with new layout controls: use MusicXML to transfer between other notation and music apps, and export WAVs or MP3s with instant SoundCloud sharing.

No other notation software has more options to take your music on the go. Seamlessly switch between your Mac/PC and your Windows® Tablet, iPad® or iPhone® (with Notion for iOS available separately)—even perform scores with Notion as your live instrument.

Notion 6: Redefining Notation software.

Studio One 3 Professional:

From setup, dialing in sounds, recording, sequencing, arranging, and sonic experimentation to mixing, mastering, and even online delivery, Studio One 3 is a modern digital audio powerhouse that was designed to keep you inspired and in the flow—focused on your music first. Built by and for creative people, Studio One has become one of the most widely adopted digital audio workstations in professional and project studios worldwide due to its fast, flow-oriented, drag-and-drop interface; ease of use; and superb 64-bit sound quality. Version 3 introduces innovative songwriting and production tools, inspiring new ways to craft unique and evocative sounds, iPad control, and a reengineered console for more accurate and intuitive mixing. Its stunning new interface adds dual-platform multi-touch support, is optimized for high-resolution displays, and includes dynamic, context-sensitive documentation, help, and tool-tips.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface encourages creativity and experimentation.

Arranger Track makes it easy to quickly build and rearrange your songs, and the unique Scratch Pads let you safely experiment on alternate ideas without jeopardizing your arrangements.

Redesigned Browser offers musical keyword search to quickly find the exact content you need.

Multi Instrument and Extended Effect Chains provide new ways to build complex, truly unique, layered sounds.

Technical Grammy-winning Melodyne technology is embedded on every audio track for pitch and timing manipulation and correction.

And Studio One is the only DAW with an integrated Project Page and Mastering Suite to not only start songs but also finish and deliver them.

More features include:

UPDATED Content browser with powerful drag-and-drop functionality and keyword based “musical” search; find, preview, and drag-and-drop tempo-matched backing loops, samples, effects, instruments, presets, and more
NEW Integrated online PreSonus Shop provides easy in-app access to more professionally produced content
NEW Studio One Remote for iPad
UPDATED AudioBend real-time time stretching and pitch shifting sounds better than ever with Elastique Pro 3.0
Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, DDP, Redbook CD burning, and digital release
Transient detection and editing with groove extraction, multitrack comping, editable Folder Tracks, step recording, event-based effects
Automatic delay compensation ensures tight synchronization and phase alignment
Control Link: the most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
36 Native Effects™ 64-bit effects and 5 virtual instruments
Over 4,000 included audio and music loops
Score video and edit audio for film with video track
Seamless import of Capture recordings with StudioLive AI mixer scenes and Fat Channel settings
Wireless transfer of audio from Capture for iPad
Import Notion stems with instrument names, mix, and tempo info preserved
AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
Import and export WAV, MP3, MIDI files, and more
Integrated SoundCloud® dashboard for sharing your music online
Use Pro Tools, Cubase, or Logic shortcut key commands or create your own
Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio-, and Core Audio-compliant audio interfaces


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