Shure UR2/SM58



Intended for use with the Shure UHF-R series, the UR2 Handheld Transmitter is rugged and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on the road. This version includes a Shure SM58 capsule, but it can also be used with SM86, SM87A, BETA 58, BETA 87A, KSM9, and BETA 87C capsules (each sold separately). The transmitter is capable of 10 or 50 mA output power, enabling extended range whenever necessary. The UR2 features a backlit LCD display and is powered up to 9 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries (low RF power).

SM58 Capsule
The trusted SM58 dynamic, cardioid capsule is popular among sound reinforcement engineers and musicians. The SM58 accurately reproduces vocals and instruments while minimizing residual noise
2400 Selectable Frequencies
The UHF-R series features 2,400 user selectable frequencies over a 60 MHz band. Up to 60 Preset Compatible Systems/Band can operate simultaneously
Automatic Transmitter Sync
The system provides automatic remote sync of channel and frequency between the transmitter and receiver
Variable Transmitter Output Power
Features variable RF output power so users can select between 10mW and 50mW output power



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