Sonic Custom 15″ Passive Speaker – Refurbished



Sonic Custom 15″ Passive Speakers COMPLETELY REFURBISHED.

COMPLETELY REFURBISHED PASSIVE JBL-Sonic Cabinets with 15″ and Massive Flared Horns. Call Two ZERO Nine 607-Five Seven 33. You have 8 cabinets to choose from sold in PAIRS ONLY. Each has been completely REFURBISHED including interior insulation. They are:

1 is LOADED with 1 @ JBL 2225
1 is LOADED with 1 @ JBL 2226
1 is LOADED with 1 @ JBL K140
2 are LOADED with 2 @ Mackies LC15-2501-8 @ 8 Ohm
1 is LOADED with 1 @ EV DL15BHF
2 are LOADED with 2 @ EMINENCE 15″ GPA15150

The Cabinet style is the SAME for all. The HORN is a LARGE FLARE SONIC 2275 with VARIABLE VOLUME on the HORN. All hardware on the CABINETS is NEW with NEW RUBBER FEET. The cabinets that are JBL will, of course, be MORE EXPENSIVE. All have JUST been RECONED and are NEW.


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