Stage Ninja MIC-12-CB Gooseneck Microphone Mount Black/Steel




The Stage Ninja Scorpion Series MIC-12-CB mount, with its industrial-steel clamp, and 12″ 360-degree modular gooseneck, is designed to securely hold your microphone in place and at the right angle. It is perfect for podcasts, live recording, schools, churches, and anywhere you need a mic and have a surface where a traditional base would slide off or take up too much space. Dual-step rubber jaws help it grip tightly to flat surfaces without leaving marks, and make it easy to mount on equipment, hardware, trussing, doors, mantels, desks, podiums, etc. The MIC-12-CB comes with a universal 5/8″ thread mount to fit most mic clips. The Scorpion Series completely eliminates the need for bulky stands and mounts, and enables you to set up fast anywhere. It is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 12 Inch, 360 degree modular gooseneck
  • Industrial-steel clamp
  • Dual-step rubber jaws
  • Standard 5/8″ mic tip
  • Made in USA


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