TC Electronic G Major 2




Made By Guitarists For Guitarists

TC Electronic G-Major 2

G-Major 2 is pure guitar magic in a single-space rack unit at a price that lets you ease into greatness. Studio quality sounds combined with stompbox simplicity geared for even your most heavy-duty performances. No modeling wannabe, but pure undiluted TC Electronic effects in a league of their own.


  • Houses six of the best effect blocks TC has to offer
  • State of the art processing and high quality algorhythms
  • Advanced MIDI capabilities, relay switching and flexible set-up

Perfection. Finetuned.

Guitar effects are our heart’s blood. We love them and we live them. Over the years, we’ve delivered some FX units that turned into true classics. We’ve concentrated our best delays, reverbs, filters and modulation effects into G-Major 2. We’ve added some fun new stuff like a Tri-Chorus, a Univibe, and a Tape Flanger and combined them with great ease of use to provide a package that is sure to really add to the life of guitarists.

Flagship Fraternization

With our past and standing, quality counts. The fact everybody kept raving about how good our delays and reverbs sound also helped. So we’ve decided to pick our very best algorithms from our flagship products and place them in a unit that processes signals at the highest quality possible – meaning you get the pristine and lush sounds you seek in an affordable package.

Amp Control to Major 2

Guitarists that invest in multi FX often have the need to control everything from one pedal board – so adding the option to control your amp sounds via relay switching was a natural decision for us. Advanced MIDI capabilities and flexible routing contribute to the fact that G-Major 2 is super user-friendly.

Backstage Pass – All Access

G-Major 2 does 2 major things. First of, obviously the sounds. They’re gorgeous. Secondly, there is control. Empowering guitarists is what we want to do and the flexibility and programmability of GMajor 2 enable us to do just that.

Routing Options

You can choose the routing of your signal, from parallel to serial and anything in between. If you think of the routing as a chain of single stompboxes, you can see what great tonal options this gives.

Effectively Brilliant

G-Major 2 houses some of the best effects we have to offer. Custom tuned reverbs, a wah/filter section straight out of G-System, wicked Delays including modulated and a reverse one, Univibe, lush Tri-Chorus, UniVibe and Intelligent pitch shifting. Oh, they all sound brilliant and have great features. Total guitargasm.

It’s All A Setup!

G-Major 2 allows for various setups, depending on your situation and needs. Wheter you want to go serial with pre-and poweramps, or maybe take the serial approach with some combos or perhaps a parallel setup involving a mixer, G-Major 2 will shine.

The End Is Rear

There’s extensive I/O options in G-Major 2, from a jack for relay switching to jack ins- and outs, MIDI in, out and thru, a jack for an external controller and input for a 100 to 240V power supply.

Quality On Display

G-Major 2 offers a super bright display that functions well in both bedroom- and gig settings. An ‘always on’-tuner allows for quick tuneups.

In Control

G-Major 2 puts you firmly in control of your sounds. You can switch amp chanels via relay, control parameters externally via expression pedals and even use MIDI to switch presets.

G-Major 2’s Resume

  • Univibe
  • Tri-Chorus
  • Through-Zero Flanger
  • Retuned TC Electronic reverbs
  • New filter/wah block ported 1:1 from G-System
  • Reverse Delay
  • Intelligent pitch shifting
  • Modulated delays
  • PC/Mac editor
  • Relay switching



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