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Start training your voice at home today.

VocalizeU is your own personal vocal trainer that’s available anytime you’re ready to learn or improve your vocal technique. For both amateurs and experts of any age or ability, VocalizeU has something that will suit every level of singer.

The VocalizeU Home Studio Edition is a practical software program with training programs that provide world-class vocal and musical education. With the VocalizeU program, each warm-up, lesson, and evaluation is personalized. The customizability of the vocal program caters to your individual singing needs, allowing you to work on areas of your voice at your own pace. The patented vocal evaluation technology helps you determine areas of your voice that need growth and then directs you to customized vocal exercises and workouts. Progress can be tracked over time, as VocalizeU guides each individual to appropriate workout modules. You’ll also have the option to schedule an online vocal evaluation or complete voice lesson with a live VIP instructor directly from the software. VocalizeU also provides vocal studio tools, educational textbooks, and further music training.

Included training exercises:

Vocal Studio
The VocalizeU software is a complete virtual vocal studio that can be personalized to suit your needs. Like a real vocal studio, VocalizeU provides all necessary tools to develop your voice.

Vocal Recorder
The recorder is a tool that allows you to record, playback, and export your recorded files. The recorder also allows you to import karaoke tracks that you can then record yourself singing along with.

Vocal Eval 1
The evaluation process inside VocalizeU is a proven method of determining a singer’s overall vocal ability and health. It determines the voice habits you have & provides a customized workout to improve your voice.

Vocal Warm-ups
Vocal warm-ups are user controlled, giving you exactly the right warm-up for your voice. It allows you to choose scale pattern, range, speed, and vowel sound.

Video Library
The VocalizeU video library is filled with ˜how to’ videos from some of the world’s most respected vocal experts. They are both fun & informative; teaching you about vocal technique, health, & performance. It is also a place to record, store, & export your own singing videos.

Vocal Journal
The vocal journal stores the recordings from your warm-ups, workouts, & evaluations. It also keep track of your written evaluations & allows you to track your progress by adding notes & comments to these recordings.

Pitch Training Program
The VocalizeU pitch-training program helps you to sing on pitch. It trains you to identify pitches and also helps singers learn to hear and sing intervals and harmonies.

  • Personalized vocal training in your own home
  • Software training includes:
  • Vocal Studio
  • Vocal Recorder
  • Vocal Eval 1
  • Vocal Warm-ups
  • Video Library
  • Vocal Journal

Start training your voice at home today.


Home Studio Edition Software Download

  • Available for PC, Mac OS X 10.4-10.5, and Mac OS X 10.6 and up.


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