Yorkville M1610-2



The convenience, lighter weight and small ‘footprint’ of a box mixer with the tilt-back visibility and channel control access of a desk mixer makes these new ‘wedge’ mixers an ideal high power, high quality powered mixer solutions. High-powered high-efficiency class-H power amplifiers, newly designed input strips, on-board DSP, a new, more effective master EQ section and ten very useful and usable input channels complete the new ‘wedge’ mixer packages.

The 1600-watt M1610-2 has two integrated 800-watt power amplifiers that can be assigned as stereo mains, or mono main and mono monitor. Each amplifier is attached to an innovative master EQ section designed specifically for these new mixers. The master EQ has a 9-band graphic EQ with additional high and low shelving EQ’s at either end of the frequency band. The nine graphic sliders are essentially all of the middle bands of a 15-band graphic EQ with the low and high frequency bands covered by separate shelving controls. This gives the user more control over the feedback-prone mid frequency bands; with high and low tone-shaping frequencies controlled by additional simple +/- 15 dB trim controls.
Number of Channels 10
Mono Channel EQ Low, Mid, High
Stereo Channel EQ Low, Mid, High
Channel Effects All Channels
Monitors Effects Yes
Balance Controls Ch. 7 – 10
Pan Controls Ch. 1 – 6
Channel Overload Protection Ch. 1 – 6
Inputs – XLR (bal) 8
Inputs – 1/4″ 10
Inputs – RCA (unbal) 1 Pair
Mute Switches Global 1 – 8
Activity / Solo LED Trim Set Ch. 1 – 6
Clip / Mute LED All Channels
Phantom Power 48V + LED Indicator
Internal Effects 24 Bit stereo, 16 Effects with Parameter Pot
Auxiliary Sends Effect – Monitor
Effects Send Yes
Effects Return Internal
Effects Return to Main Yes
Effects Return to Monitor Yes
Reverb / Effects Footswitch Yes
Record Outputs Stereo RCA Pair
Max Gain to Line Out -Mic Input (dB) 84
Max Gain to Line Out -Line Input (dB) 82



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