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Client wanted to upgrade their 25 year old system. They had already pre-purchased a Dual Wireless Mic system so we incorporated that into the system design. They required either a two separate zone systemfor multiple events at the same time or a single zone for larger events with a SIMPLE system for possible multiple employee use. All product was clearly labeled and a picture of all settings was left for client attached to the front door of their rack. No room for error. System tested good and client was extremely pleased with power of the system.

System Solution:

1 @ ART MX 524 - 4 Zone, 5 Input mixer. This allowed Mic 1, Mic 2, Bluetooth 1, and Bluetooth 2. They even have one extra input for another source for future use:

1 @ Wharfedale Pro - DP 4065 4 Channel 1100 Watt Per Channel power amp

6 @ LD Systems ICOA12 Passive 12" Speakers.

2 @ Denon Pro 200 BR - Bluetooth Receiver Zone 1 and Zone 2

1 @ Juice Goose SQ 1500 Sequencer - 1 On/Off Switch to power On all product in appropriate sequence and same for power down.

1 @ Custom 2 Space Rack to accommodate deeper Wharfedale amp with 2 space vented grille.

Our client requested a SIMPLE answer to create static colors backlighting the ceiling for their Event Center. Multiple staff members needed access to it so it had to be a QUICK LEARNING CURVE for all.
This install included:
20 @ Blizzard Lighting-Motif Vignette™

1 @ American DJ DMX Operator 384

1 Chauvet Data Stream DMX splitter

1 Juice Goose 8.0 LED

1 @ Gator Cases GDJ 8