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Client needs:

1. 2 Custom Cases for Samsung Q65Q60Bs 65” Flatscreens with LED mounts.
2. Come up with two cases less than 100 lbs each.
3. Must be foam lined for flat screen protection.
4. Must have wheels for easy transport.

Case by G solution:

1. Custom Heavy duty padded 1/8” zippered covers with internal 1/8” hardboard for screen.
2. Case designed at 27.8 pounds.
3. Completely 3” foam lined on sides and 1” on ends.
4. Cut out on Custom Covers for permanent LED mounts.
5. Custom rotating/hidden wheels to add/subtract to width of case for transport and storage. 

Client requested two @ 65" flatscreens and flatscreen cases for their event company plus LED mounts. We sold them two Samsung Q65Q60Bs and heavy duty Global Truss mounts. BUT......"We don't want to carry around 100 lb plus cases and the flatscreens inside which will add another 50 pounds each." Solution: We had two custom made front and rear zippered covers for the 65"ers. The front zippered pocket holds a 1/8" hardboard that protects the display of the flatscreen. The back has a cutout for the Global Truss LED mount and two zippers so that the client can unzip easily to go over the LED mount and fit back snugly to the LEDs. The top handle is NOT for carrying, just removal of the cover. The icing on the cake was designing the 27.8 pound cases that hold the covered flatscreens. We even added swivelable training wheels so that the case will not tip because of its width to reduce truck pack/storage space. It is internally foam lined with 3" foam on the sides and 1" foam on the ends. Problem Solved! Light weight and still protects the flatscreens in transport.

Client needs: 

1. Fit Pioneer DDJ Rev 7 to right.
2. Fit Allen & Heath ZED 10 Mixer to left.
3. Microphone Tripod Base 4” to left of center.
4. On lower right side of case, Main AC IN, Powered Speaker AC, recessed female XLR.
5. On lower Left Side of case, Powered Speaker AC, recessed female XLR
6. Hardwire all product.
7. On bottom left side, Add a pull out drawer and 4 Rack spaces.
8. The case must only be 37” Tall and 43” left to right, and 24” deep.
9. On the lower right, Yamaha Stage PAS 1K MKII must fit.
10. Add a winch D Ring.
11. Remote my Shure SLX4D antennas.

Cases by G Solution:
1. Done.

Client said, "I need a case to fit my Pioneer DDJ Rev 7 on the right hand side. I need my Allen & Heath ZED 10 mixer on the left. I want a microphone tripod base 4" to the left of the centered Laptop stand. On the left side, I need a main AC IN, a Powered speaker AC out, and a recessed Male XLR out. On the right hand side, I need a powered Speaker AC out and a recessed male XLR out. On the bottom left side at the top, I want 4 rack spaces for my gear and a pull out shelf. I need all product wired and cut to length. On the right, I want to be able to comfortably fit my Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K MKII. By the way, I want it 37" Tall and less than 43" left to right and less than 24" D so it will fit in my van. By the way, I have a winch that I want to pull the case up with!" I said, "is there anything else." He responded, "Oh, I want to remote my Shure SLXD4D antennae!" Suffice it to say, all requirements were met even with a winch D ring capable of supporting 3223 lbs."

Client needs:

1. Design case for Rane Four DJ Controller
2. All black hardware - recessed latches, handles, ball end corners.
3. Black Hexagrip PVC/ABS Laminate ( Hexagon Honey Comb Pattern)
4. Heavy Duty Foam Line with 5” back space for cable hardwire.
5. Controller will always rest on foam in bottom part of case.
6. Create a matching Black Hexagram facade for this case.

Cases by G solution:
1. Done

Commissioned to design and manufacture a Custom Rane Four DJ Controller Case - Client requirements. All black hardware, recessed black latches, recessed black Handle, Black heavy duty ball end corners, Black HexaGrip PVC/ABS laminate (Hexagon black pattern), completely foamed lined, 5" of open space in back of controller so cables don't have to be unplugged from controller, controller will always rest on base and never be pulled from case base. Next project for this client.....Custom Black Hexagrip Foldout Stand.

Also included in the pictures is the complementary product requested by my client to support his Rane Four Custom Case. His requirements were: Black Hexagrip was required to be used, complete fold out stand had to be black including all hardware, fold down shelf for stacking light weight gear and provide left to right support of foldout, height of foldout had to be adjusted to match Client height with easy of access to his controller.

Client needs:

1. Simple Carpet Covered Case.
2. Very specific dimensions. I need to have it be a certain height when I perform.
3. It is NOT a rack mount case.
4. It will hold cables/accessories and support my DJ rig.
5. Front and Back Lids are friction/pressure sensitive with flap for easy removal.
6. No recessed 3/4” Handles. Recessed with minimal height/width added.

Cases by G solution:
1. Done

Client Needs:

1. Design Case for Yamaha MGP24X Digital Mixer.
2. IEC Power Cable must remained plugged.
3. Quasi 4” Doghouse to leave cables plugged in.
4. Custom fit foam inserts to allow ZERO movement of mixer.
5. Create a custom spacer so that at the end of practice the lid could be put back on as a temporary dust cover for next practice.

Cases by G solution:
1. Done

Client commissioned me to create a custom case for his Yamaha MGP24X Digital Mixer. There were some very specific requirements. He wanted his IEC Power cable to remain plugged in at all times within the case. A quasi 4" doghouse so that he could leave cables plugged in while at practice and be able to put his top back on to protect it from dust once practice was over. When ready to load for an event, he then could remove all cables and continue with placing the top on in regular transport fashion. Unlike generic mixer cases from other manufacturer that just have a rectangular AIR SPACE internally, there were multiple custom foam cut inserts at strategic locations to create a fit that allowed ZERO movement of the mixer once the lid was placed. Not shown is a custom spacer in between the lid and the base of the case while at practice so that no cables would be crimped when lid was temporarily put back on when band practice was completed

Client had some very specific requests. "I want a SIMPLE carpet covered case. I want some very specific dimensions. It is NOT a rack mounted case. It has a two-fold function, one to hold cables and accessories and act as a support so my DJ rig is at a very specific height on my rack and cart when I perform. I want the front and back lids to be friction/pressure sensitive and I want a FLAP on both lids to use to remove the lids. I do NOT want recessed handles with 3/4" rubber sleeves. I want recessed handles that will add minimal height or width to the case. This is result of those requests."